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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives — and our physical fitness routines are no exception. Restrictions on fitness facilities, lack of and/or inadequate equipment and home workout fatigue have resulted in decreased physical activity. This is especially true for employees who are working long hours on the front lines or who are balancing the challenges of an at-home work environment.

Movefocused, a movement program created by the UPHS Wellfocused team, provides employees with an opportunity to prioritize their physical fitness, despite the challenges of the pandemic. Through Movefocused, employees have the opportunity to meet Mitch Sherman, employee health and well-being specialist at UPHS for a one-on-one virtual fitness consultation. A certified strength and conditioning specialist and certified exercise physiologist, Sherman provides safe and effective guidance for employees at all fitness levels.

"In the midst of the pandemic, gyms are closed and people are working tirelessly in health care facilities or at home," Sherman said. "This requires increased strength and endurance to handle long shifts on your feet or increased physical activity to offset a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise has been shown to be a mood booster, too. This is particularly important during such a chaotic and stressful time."

Since Movefocused's rollout, employees have benefited from virtual consultations. "I was excited to sign up for a Movefocused session to guide me through my physical activity — the one constant that has kept me sane during the pandemic," said Marion Miranda, senior business process education consultant in Corporate Services.

Whether it is incorporating exercises into scheduled breaks during the workday, revamping existing workout plans or alternating exercises to produce strength gains, Movefocused can help you maintain and improve your physical fitness.

Miranda gives Movefocused a full-throated endorsement based on her experience. "The program is extremely beneficial to Penn Medicine employees who are already stretched to their limits — professionally and personally — as it gives you a resource who is knowledgeable and practical. In times when you just do not know where to start or feel overwhelmed, or when you "fall off the wagon' again, Movefocused is available to give you the roadmap."

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