When Ana Quezada comes to work each day in the Penn Medicine Princeton Health (PMPH) emergency department (ED), she makes sure the room is safe and ready for the next patient. PMPH received some of the early COVID-19 cases in the Health System and Quezada was on point to make sure rooms were ready for new admissions. “My job is to keep our patients safe,” she said. “That is my number one priority.” Quezada balances being part of the PMPH environmental services team assigned to the ED with making sure her family is taken care of. She supports her two daughters and husband, who are all in college. Quezada is also working on her degree to become a radiology technician. Being present for her family, colleagues and our patients makes all the difference.

Working at Penn Medicine is just one part of Quezada’s story, one of the many from staff, providers and patients that define the Penn Medicine Experience.

The Penn Medicine Experience definition and standards (Compassion, Present, Empowered, Collaborative and Accountable) were launched system wide three years ago, helping to reinforce a consistent standard of service excellence across all of our entities and work locations. During the five-year campaign, the Health System is highlighting one standard per year. Last year, the Compassion standard celebrated Penn Medicine faculty and staff who “show up with our head and our heart.”  For FY21, “Present “is in the spotlight and will celebrate how our employees “show up and remain engaged” for our patients, colleagues and the community.

“Now more than ever, it is clear that we chose the right framework to represent who we are as a health system,” said Stephanie Kindt, senior consultant for the Penn Medicine Experience.  “It is clear when you listen to the stories that through these changing times everyone’s actions have exemplified the Penn Medicine spirit. Our employees are showing up and remaining engaged in every moment for our patients and for each other.”

When it comes to being present in the midst of a pandemic and civil unrest that has gripped the country, it is important to acknowledge and address the impact of these events on employees. Everyone should appreciate and respect where people are emotionally, socially and psychologically. Supporting our staff in all aspects of their story is key and 2020 PMX Week (Oct. 19-23) will highlight the programs and resources available, including Wellfocused, PennMedicineTogether and Penn Cobalt, to help employees cope and manage their personal and professional challenges.

“We recognize and honor our front-line employees who have been giving their all to our patients,” said Geri Karpiscak, director of Patient and Guest Relations at Penn Medicine Princeton Health. “It is so important that we continue to offer the services to support employees going forward.”

No matter where or how our employees are dealing with and working through these unprecedented times, every story counts. When stories are shared, they can connect, teach, help and heal.

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