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Every month, PPMC staff members who embody Service, Teamwork, Achievement, and Respect, are named Presby STARs. In addition to earning recognition from their colleagues, these outstanding all-stars also receive a certificate from CEO Michele Volpe and a $100 award.

PPMC is proud to have exceptional staff members who are willing to go above and beyond. Some STARs are chosen because they have made an impact in big ways, like mental health technician Darryl Gillard who checked on a struggling patient at exactly the right time to prevent them from harming themselves, and like nurses Victoria Goebig, RN, and Deanna Goldstein, RN, who prevented an unsafe discharge and ensured a patient could safely transition home. Others make a difference in smaller, but just as important ways, like Environmental Services worker Ivyanna Perez, who spreads smiles by creating fun towel art at the bedside, and CNA Naijah Edwards, who connected with a patient by braiding her hair.

Another recently recognized Presby STAR whose compassion and dedication positively affected the patient experience was clinical pharmacist Andrea Fabrizio, PharmD. When a patient was concerned that their prescribed medication might contain a dye that they were allergic to, Fabrizio decided to investigate herself by calling the manufacturer personally. A colleague noted that even though “she was on hold for 10 minutes, she smiled the entire time.” Fabrizio’s willingness to go the extra mile ensured that the patient didn’t experience an allergic reaction.

Congratulations to newest STARs lineup — we are so grateful for the dedication and compassion that you show the PPMC community!


  • Linda Carter, MA — Psychiatry
  • Andrea Fabrizio, PharmD — Pharmacy
  • Darryl Gillard — Psychiatry
  • Nancy Harden, RN — Post-Anesthesia
  • Chris Nelson — Environmental Services


  • Diane Bush, RN — Psych Detox Unit
  • Naijah Edwards, CNA — Cupp 4 East
  • Victoria Goebig, RN — PAC5
  • Deanna Goldstein, RN — PAC5
  • Ivyanna Perez — Environmental Services


  • Shaun Dukes-Williams — Psychiatry
  • Debra Griffin, BSN, RN, CCRN — Cupp 3 South
  • Shawneya Lee, CNA
  • Jennifer Lovelace — Psychiatry
  • Sharnelle Petit-Homme, CNA
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