An auxiliary dining and break area has been set up on the bridge, the broad passageway connecting the second floor of Princeton Medical Center (PMC) with the Schreyer Education Center, as part of a larger effort to ensure proper social distancing on the hospital campus.

Outdoor dining and break space in the Healing Garden will be expanded as well, with at least two tables added to four that are already there. The Healing Garden is accessible from the Education Center doors facing Lot P2.

Social distancing is particularly important during meals and breaks, when masks may be off to allow eating and drinking. The restaurant and café on the first floor of PMC have been reconfigured to help keep diners six feet or more apart. Staff members are asked to refrain from rearranging tables in the restaurant, café, or the new space on the bridge, to accommodate group meals.

Managers throughout Princeton Health also are being asked to discourage staff members from gathering in small break rooms on their units, even if they are wearing their masks.

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