A total 73 individuals from Penn Medicine Princeton Health were nominated by their peers for recognition related to acts of compassion to patients, family members, or their coworkers.

The nominees — physicians, nurses, physical therapists, behavioral health therapists, home health aides, hospice staff, other employees, and volunteers — were honored during an award ceremony on Thursday, October 17. Princeton Health’s Patient Experience Council chose 15 awardees who received a copy of The Power of Kindness by Mac Anderson and a Penn Medicine gym bag, hat, and scarf.


Peter Allan

Anupama Anand

Pat Anene

Kathy Applegate

Karen Baker

Lisa Baptis

Sharon Barbara, PA

Monika Bogumil

Stacy Booher

Jessica Brum

Ken Burkert

Sarah Carstens

Jeanette Cicio

Lorraine Comfort

Peter Cridge, MD

Simran Datta

Yvette Delauro

Fatima Deleon

Chelsea DeMaio

Ben Diccion

Crystal Emery

Bernadette Flynn-Kelton

Toni Fusik

Heather Gachko

Pia Garibaldi, MD

Alexis Goetz

Cindy Gould

Eileen Gutcho

Steve Harrison

Amber Hartzel

Lauren Hogshire, MD

Maria Luisa Ignacio

Karen Jacko

Rosafe James

Holly Keleman

Michael Kelly

Laura Kelly

Meaghan LaBelle

Agnes Lamon, MD

Betty Lawrence

Jason Lawrence

Donna Levinson

Debbie Lord

Onnie Mancino

Prudence Marcus

Binal Mathur

Alison Minkler

Jennie Narine

Dominique Pierce-O’Connor

Jenny Pintado

Donna Post

MaryAnn Pron

Matthew Rhodes

Lexus Rodriguez

Samantha Samuels

Matthew Sandel, MD

Alice Savacool

Michael Schwartz

Destiny Sharack

Harpeet Sidhu, MD

Karen Sinclair

Kevin Skole, MD

Richard Smith

Lloyd Smith

Becky Soden

David Sokol, MD

Gina Stauff

Melanie Sudia

Diana Thibodeau

Shariffa Torres

Tanya Velez

Bridge Verdel

Lisa Wade

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