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Breast cancer detection with four modalities and a single contrast agent


NAMIL focuses on the development of novel and multifunctional nanoparticle contrast agents. A current major area is the development of inorganic (e.g. silver, gold or bismuth) nanoparticles as contrast agents for x-ray based techniques. The nanoparticles can be further modified to have a variety of additional functional properties, such as fluorescence, MRI contrast or therapeutic effects. Related areas of interest are dual energy mammography and photon counting CT. These technologies are being applied for structural imaging and molecular imaging of the levels of specific cell types and proteins in vivo.


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Recent Publications

Nieves LM, Hsu JC, Lau KC, Maidment DA, Cormode DP. Silver telluride nanoparticles as biocompatible and enhanced contrast agents for x-ray imaging: an in vivo breast cancer screening study. Nanoscale, 13 (1): 163-174, 2021. 

Huang Y, Liu Y, Shah S, Kim D, Simon-Soro A, Ito T, Hajfathalian M, Li Y, Alawi F, Cormode DP, Koo H. Bacterial pathogen targeting via bi-functional hybrid nanozyme triggered by biofilm microenvironment. Biomaterials, 268: 120581, 2021.

Naha PC, Hsu JC, Kim J, Shah S, Bouché M, Si-Mohamed S, Rosario-Berrios DN, et al. Dextran Coated Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles: A Computed Tomography Contrast Agent for Imaging the Gastrointestinal Tract and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. ACS Nano, 14 (8): 10187–10197, 2020.

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