Department of Radiology

The Nanomedicine and Molecular Imaging Laboratory (NAMIL), directed by Dr. David Cormode, is dedicated to developing nanoparticles for use in medicine. The bulk of our work focuses on nanoparticle contrast agents for multi-energy X-ray imaging. Despite being the oldest imaging modality, X-ray based imaging techniques are undergoing a period of rapid innovation. Some of these technological changes, such as photon counting CT, create a need for new types of contrast agents. These new agents are based on elements such as gold, bismuth, silver and tantalum and are biodegradable, renally clearable and can be environmentally responsive. We are combining new agents and new X-ray imaging methods to result in improved diagnostic imaging, such as monocyte tracking in atherosclerosis.

We also have interests in contrast agents for photoacoustics, MRI and fluorescence imaging. Moreover, some of our work involves nanoparticles as therapeutics, such as anti-biofilm treatments.

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