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The Penn Image Computing and Science Laboratory (PICSL), conducts basic and applied research in mathematical, computational and statistical methods for extracting, analyzing and integrating information from imaging and ancillary data. Of particular interest to the lab are methods for detecting, quantifying and modeling the ways in which anatomy and physiology can vary in nature, over time, or as a consequence of disease or therapy.

PICSL is well known internationally for its long track record of methodological innovation in nearly every area of the field, and for its commitment to translating research accomplishments into highly acclaimed open-source software – the lab’s ANTs, ITK-SNAP, DTI-TK, N4ITK and ITK software are consistently ranked as the best performing and most widely used applications in image registration, segmentation, DTI analysis, and morphometry. The group’s large portfolio of interdisciplinary collaborations spans different model systems and the major modalities in biological and medical imaging of various organ systems in health and disease.


Faculty and Staff

James C. Gee, PhD

James Gee, PhD

Principal Investigator
Paul A. Yushkevich, PhD

Paul Yushkevich, PhD

Principal Investigator
Ultrasound Research Lab Member Alison Pouch, PhD Research Associate

Alison Pouch, PhD

Principal Investigator

Sandhitsu Das, PhD

Principal Investigator

Philip Cook, PhD

Senior Research Investigator

Jeffrey Duda, PhD

 Research Specialist

Long Xie, PhD

Research Specialist

Ranjit Ittyerah

Research Specialist

Sydney Lim

MRI Research Specialist

Gaylord Holder

Systems Administrator

Michele McCandless

Administrative Coordinator

Contact Us

Michele McCandless (Haines)
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 215-746-7073


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