Stomach Cancer Treatment Options

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After the diagnosis and staging of stomach cancer, our team of cancer specialists will develop a treatment plan that’s personalized to meet your specific needs.You’ll have a large team behind you.

Our gastrointestinal tumor board meets regularly to discuss complex cases of gastric and other cancers. This ensures experts in oncologic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology and other specialties can apply their wealth of knowledge and area of expertise to treating you and your type of cancer.

Treatment Options for Gastric Cancer

At Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center, we offer the most advanced options to diagnose, treat and manage stomach (gastric) cancers.

If you have an early-stage, small, localized or superficial tumor, you many be able to be treated with surgery alone. However, if your stomach cancer has progressed and spread, you may receive a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. We often treat locally advanced stomach cancer with chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before surgery, as well as after surgery, to help ensure all cancer cells are killed. Learn more about surgery to treat stomach cancer.

Treatment options for stomach cancer include:

Understanding a stomach cancer diagnosis and treatment options can be difficult. If you would like to speak with a cancer nurse about a diagnosis, call 800-789-7366 (PENN).