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Contact the Development office at the Abramson Cancer Center.

  • Tricia A. Bruning
    Chief Executive Director of Penn Medicine Development,
    and Chief Development Officer for the Abramson Cancer Center
    Office: 215-898-1033 | Cell: 267-254-6643 |
  • Kathleen P. Hertkorn
    Senior Executive Director of Development and Principal Gifts Officer
    Abramson Cancer Center and Department of Radiation Oncology
    Office: 215-573-0187 | Cell: 215-206-5214 |
    Oversees senior staff with emphasis on PAH, RadOnc, and metrics.
  • Andrew Bellet
    Associate Director of Development
    Office: 215-573-0548 | Cell: 610-613-0584 |
    Urologic Cancers and GI
  • Carolyn Brown
    Senior Associate Director of Development & Community Engagement
    Office: 215-573-0550 | Cell: 215-495-9032 |
    Breakthrough Bike Challenge and Basser Center Young Leadership Council
  • Madeleine Dickinson
    Associate Director of Development
    Office: 215-746-8799 | Cell: 267-788-0021 |
    Breast Cancer and Gyn Onc
  • Katie Dewees Detzel
    Senior Director of Development
    Office: 215-746-1927 |
    Personal Portfolio: Blood Cancers and Thyroid Cancers
    Oversees the Departments of Radiation Oncology and Pathology, the ImmunoRevolution, and staff focused on Neuro-Oncology, GI, GU, and Thoracic Cancers
  • Caitlin Crowe Doelp
    Director of Development
    Office: 215-746-2167 | Cell: 267-398-4295 |
    Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Cancers, Breakthrough Bike Challenge
  • Elizabeth Easter
    Deputy Director and Managing Editor of Development Communications
    Office: 215-746-2168 | Cell: 215-498-7353 |
    General writing, remarks, stewardship reports, proposals, one-pagers, campaign pieces, manages Dana Band Training
  • Laura Ferraiolo
    Sr. Director of Development
    Office: 215-746-2948 | Cell: 215-605-0402 |
    Personal Portfolio: Basser Center for BRCA
    Oversees Staff focused on Breast, Gynecologic, Melanoma, and Sarcoma
  • Emily Fiorilli
    Sr. Associate Director of Annual Giving
    Office: 215-898-3084 | Cell: 847-436-2215 |
    Annual Fund and Direct Mail
  • Sheryl Garton
    Associate Director of Development
    Office: 215-746-3895 | Cell: 703-402-9694 |
    Neuro-Oncology Cancers
  • Michal Greenberg
    Director of Communications and Community Engagement
    Office: 215-573-2480 | Cell: 215-605-0504 |
    Patient & Family Services; Integrative Oncology,
    Survivorship. Oversees Staff focused on communications, stewardship, and volunteers
  • Christian Hyde
    Sr. Associate Director of Development
    Office: 215-573-0240 | Cell: 267-606-3831 |
    Thoracic Malignancies
  • Dorothy Mejia-Smith
    Associate Director of Development
    Office: 215-573-5056 | Cell: 347-409-1056 |
    Basser Communications
  • Mary Kathryn Menck
    Assistant Director of Development
    Office: 215-746-2211 |
  • Aiyana Pellegrino
    Assistant Director of Development
    Office: 215-746-8930 |
  • Karleigh Rose Pettit
    Associate Director of Development
    Office: 215-898-9931 | Cell: 267-788-1005 |
    Melanoma, Sarcoma, and Generalist
  • Charles T. Gondos, Jr.
    Stewardship Coordinator
    Office: 215-746-2213 |
    Communications team support, business office liaison, and stewardship program management
  • Kaitlin Milano
    Development Assistant
    Office: 215-573-6479 |
    Administrative Support: Katie Dewees Detzel, Maddie Dickinson, Christian Hyde
  • Brian Schwabenland
    Development Associate
    Office: 215-573-6478 |
    Administrative Support: Laura Ferraiolo, Karleigh Rose Pettit, Dorothy Mejia-Smith
  • Tammie Williams
    Senior Development Associate
    Office: 215-746-2206 |
    Administrative Support: Tricia Bruning and Kathleen Hertkorn