Staying Sober in the Age of Sipping ‘Quarantinis’

Feelings of isolation, boredom and uncertainty coupled with the proliferation of Zoom happy hours and creative boozy concoctions like ‘quarantinis,’ have been a recipe for relapse for some.


Videos, Webinars and Lots of Feedback: Medical Training’s Shift Amid COVID-19

Blinking and rasping, the patient admits that it’s hard for him to breathe. He is suspected to have COVID-19 and he needs to be intubated. It’s a routine procedure that has taken on added risk because it so easily “aerosolizes” the germs that cause the disease, sending them widely into the air.


New Mental Health Platform Provides Support for Healthcare Workers

While mental health in the workplace is a longstanding and undertreated issue, it has been amplified as health professionals struggle with the extraordinary physical and emotional demands of COVID-19.


Performing Organ Transplants Safely Amid the COVID19 Outbreak

How does a health system manage the need for organ transplants during a global pandemic?

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  • Coronavirus

    The Biology of Coronaviruses: From the Lab to the Spotlight

    March 05, 2020
    Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised that it’s not a question of whether the outbreak of a coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 (and its associated disease, COVID-19) would spread in U.S. communities, but when — and we should be prepared for potential disruptions in our daily lives as a result.
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