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  • Stop the Bleed

    September 12, 2016

    Penn Medicine's Patrick K. Kim, MD, Trauma Program Director for the Penn Division of Traumatology, Surgical Critical Care & Emergency Surgery, answers questions from a group of Philadelphia nurses on wound care and tourniquet application. While students were picking out their outfits and sharpening pencils, and teachers were preparing their...

  • Taking a New Look at Older Patients

    August 31, 2016

    Awardees and leaders of the Geriatric Resource Nurse-led Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Program It’s no secret that caring for ourselves and our well-being becomes more complex as we age, but changes, including a new program at Penn Medicine, are critically needed to care for the nation’s aging population. In fact, in...

  • What Nurses Wish Patients Knew

    April 13, 2016

    Good communication is essential to successful therapeutic relationships. This is all the more evident when talking about the interaction between patients and nurses. The exchange of information not only can lead to better compassionate care and outcomes, but it also puts patients at the center of the clinical decision making...

  • A Tradition of Nursing Excellence

    January 25, 2016

    Penn Medicine recently created the Distinguished Nurse Clinician Academy. Its members are chosen for their exceptional clinical knowledge and interprofessional skills as well as a passion for their work … at the bedside. The Academy’s goal is to spread this level of clinical excellence through UPHS as well as into...

  • Penn’s Tiniest Patients Celebrate Halloween in the Intensive Care Nursery (photos)

    November 02, 2015

    On Friday, nurses, family, and friends celebrated Halloween a day early in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Intensive Care Nursery (ICN). Although many of these babies were born with very low birth weight or health problems and need special attention before they can go home, their parents and...

  • The Professional Image of Nursing

    October 13, 2015

    Since 1999, nurses have topped the annual Gallop poll that rates 11 professions on honesty and ethical standards, with the exception of 2001, when firefighters were recognized for their tremendous contributions during and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That’s higher than medical doctors, police officers and clergy. Nurses in front...

  • A Trifecta of Meaningful Recognition

    July 23, 2015

    Year after year, Gallop polls reflect that Americans rate nurses as having the highest honesty and ethical standards of all professions. However, being so well-respected doesn’t mean working without challenges. Nurses deal with life and death issues, critically ill patients and worried family members – on a daily basis. One...

  • A Very Special Tea for Two

    May 27, 2015

    You can change someone’s world with one simple act of kindness. Earlier this month Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH) maternity nurse, Lynne Dever, RNC, was going about her work day when she noticed her patient – Alison Paymer of Philadelphia – was in great distress. Other than being pregnant with twins, Paymer’s...

  • Making Ethics Front and Center in Nursing Practice

    May 06, 2015

    Nurses have some of the broadest roles among medical professionals. They work in many aspects of clinical care, advocate for better health in their patients and communities, conduct academic research, educate patients and their families on health conditions and options (and how to cope when an ailment doesn't go as...

  • Measles Outbreaks and Vaccinations: Does it Change Anything?

    April 10, 2015

    In most communities in the United States today, the measles vaccination rate is a relatively high 94 percent. But some areas fall short of that average for various reasons: lack of awareness, lack of access, and a growing vaccine refusal movement. With one of the lowest vaccination rates, Pennsylvania currently...

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