Jim Ballinghoff, interim chief nursing officer (right), with PPMC’s Nursing Clinical Excellence Award winners
“All 24 oftoday’s winners are multipliers,” said VictoriaRich, PhD, chief nurse executive, UPMC, as she addressed the winners –and their families – of this year’s UPHS Nursing Clinical Excellence Awards.

According toMultipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, leaders can be brokendown into two categories: diminishers, who seem to drain capability and intelligencefrom their teams, and multipliers, who make those around them feel motivatedand able to tackle challenges. “Diminishers hire intelligent people but theydon’t give them permission to think. Multipliers think people are smart and theywill figure it out on their own.”

“Multiplierscreate an atmosphere of innovation, productivity, and combined intelligence. Instudies, multiplier executive leaders got two times as much productivity fromtheir employees than diminisher leaders,” she said. “I thank you all for being multipliers.”

Noting thatshe will retire at the end of the year, Rich said that attending these events“has been the best part of my career. There is no better place than PennMedicine.”

Congratulationsto this year’s PPMC winners of Nursing Clinical Excellence Awards!

  • Lillian Brunner Clinical Judgment andDecision Making Award: Alyson Hinkle, BSN, RN – MICU
  • Rosalyn J. Watts Nurse-Patient/FamilyRelationship Award: Richelle Ricketts BSN, RN, CCRN – CCU
  • Dorothy Botdorf Award for Clinical Leadership: Samantha Mulfinio, BSN, RN, CCRN – MICU
  • Helen McClelland Award for ClinicalScholarship: Tiffany Harris, BSN, RN – EmergencyDepartment

 Stay tuned for next week’s System News for a full list of winnersacross UPHS.

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