Respiratory-Care-WeekThe week of October 21st, 2012 was designated as National Respiratory Care Week. Eachyear this week is a great opportunity to recognize the members of PPMC’sRespiratory Care Department and the Pulmonary Function Lab for their contributions.These clinicians are vital members of the interdisciplinary team, throughout thehospital. They provide respiratory assessment, diagnostics, ventilatormanagement, treatment modalities, response to codes and rapid calls, transportof our intubated patients, and bedside bronchoscopy assist, and more. Thesefolks are truly valued health care professionals.

This year, the department honored the memory of a beloved coworker, ElaineGrant, RRT, who was a Clinical Supervisor on the night shift and a memberof the department for 25 years. Elaine passed away in May 2012, after her ownstruggle with pulmonary disease. The members of the Respiratory staff held amobile, three-day bake sale, with proceeds benefiting a pulmonary foundation.Successfully, $856 was raised and will be donated. Thank you to all at PPMC whosupported the department by indulging in the delicious baked treats.