From Left: Feba Varghese, CRM; Fabian Marechal, Ortho Pract ices; Connie Sumner, Nursing; Chris Melnic, Ortho Resident Vibette Robles, Nursing; Barbara Schrader, Infection Control; Sara Ashley Edwards, Social Work; Finnah Pio, CEQI; Chris Hughes, Physical Therapy; Dan Littlefi eld, HPP Consultant; Not pictured: Kim Pavan, Nursing Informatics

Have you ever wondered why you are so tired at the end of your work day? Do you want to know if there are more ways you can help patients during their time at PPMC? Typical questions like these can be answered by using the fundamentals of LEAN – an approach that makes the “right work easier to do” by identifying opportunities for improvement. Earlier this month, PPMC’s Department of Orthopedics kicked off a LEAN project to improve patient and staff experiences, ease of practice, and reduce the length of stay for joint replacement patients.

The process began when a multidisciplinary team of ten faculty and staff was coached by a consultant from Healthcare Performance Partners, with support from CEQI. The team examined the current workflows of a patient being scheduled for surgery in the outpatient clinic through inpatient discharge. After observing and analyzing 15 different job functions within the processes, the team identified opportunities for improvements to positively impact the patient experience.

In order to take advantage of these opportunities and implement changes, two rapid improvement events are planned for the weeks of July 30 and September 24. With the help of a cross functional team from various disciplines at PPMC, these events will serve to develop, test, and implement solutions. Look for updates in future issues of the Presby Bulletin to see how they improve the Joint Replacement service line.


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