Our Connected Care telemedicine programs use advanced approaches and technologies to serve a wide variety of patient populations without having to travel to Philadelphia.

Telegenetics Counselor

As the landscape of health care changes and becomes more diverse, the needs of patients and providers are also changing. Penn Medicine’s Connected Care telemedicine programs are using the latest advances in technology to help patients and providers access Penn Medicine specialty care without having to travel to Philadelphia.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine programs use telehealth technology such as electronic medical devices, teleconference technology and connected biomedical devices to monitor a person's health outside of the hospital or doctor's office. Telemedicine programs transform and engage patients by allowing them to share in the decision-making process, actively engage with their care team, monitor their conditions and help manage chronic diseases.

Connected Care News


Dr. Bill Hanson, Penn's Chief Medical Information Officer and Vice President, and head of Penn's Connected Care program, discusses the U.S. military's fast-moving, transformative digital health care developments.
Ralph Muller, CEO of Penn Medicine, discusses new technological breakthroughs, and the need to think about how to maintain effective human contact as this powerful information becomes more widely available.

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Penn E-lert® Home Telehealth

Our E-lert® Home Telehealth Program offers high-risk cardiac patients the ability to receive and actively participate in their care using advanced technology from the comfort of their own home.

Penn E-lert® TeleOB

Our TeleOB Program provides treatment and monitoring for high-risk pregnant women via web-based technology by OB providers.


Our teledermatology services offer web-based consultations, evaluation and care for those with dermatological conditions.


Telegenetics provides genetic testing and counseling services for patients at risk for cancer via videoconferencing.


Our Teleophthalmology Program offers patients web-based evaluation and care for the treatment of ophthalmologic conditions.


Our teleradiology services offer patients web-based consultation and interpretation for a variety of diagnostic tests such as PET and CT scans.


Our telesleep services provide employees at risk for sleep-related problems with clinical screening and appropriate treatment.


Telehealth technology gives stroke patients access to life-saving care when time matters most, even outside of our health care facilities.

Veterans Telehealth

If you are a veteran, receiving mental health care has never been easier than now. Connect with a therapist for an appointment over a smartphone, on a computer, or even on a tablet with video capabilities.

Way to Health

Our Way to Health Program uses mobile technology to help patients across the nation focus on drug and device compliance and usage.

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