Whatever the cause, the goal of Penn Pain Medicine Center is to alleviate as much pain as possible and improve your quality of life.

As one of the leading pain management medicine centers in the Philadelphia region, the Penn Pain Medicine Center is a resource for people with complex pain problems.

The faculty and staff of the Penn Pain Medicine Center have the training and experience to provide comprehensive pain care to patients with complex pain problems. We have a number of physicians who each bring special training and experience to bear. These physicians are from a variety of specialties, including anesthesiology, neurology and psychiatry.

Psychology services are available for those patients who may benefit from behavioral medicine techniques. Physical therapy is provided through a partnership with Penn Therapy and Fitness. Additional specialists at Penn are consulted as necessary.

Individualized Treatment Plans

The goal of therapy is agreed on with each patient, and often includes relief from as much pain as possible, as well as improvements in physical and mental functioning.

More often than not, care is interdisciplinary, meaning that the treatment program often involves the combination of medications, interventions (such as nerve blocks), and self-management techniques.

An Academic Program

Patients who receive care at the Penn Pain Medicine Center will likely be seen by medical students or physicians in training, as well as the attending physician. This presents a unique opportunity for our patients to receive cutting-edge therapy by leading experts in the field of pain medicine.

Please discuss any questions or concerns you may have about being seen by medical students or physicians in training with your attending physician.

Access to Research Studies

The Penn Pain Medicine Center is developing a research team that will help with the conduct of clinical trials intended to improve pain care. These clinical trials often evaluate the usefulness of new medications for the treatment of a specific painful condition.

Information regarding specific research trials that are enrolling patients may be obtained at the Penn Pain Medicine Center.

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