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What is hair loss surgery?

Hair loss surgery is both a science – and an art. It requires not only exceptional surgical skills, but also the ability to re-imagine a new hairline zone that complements your specific facial features, age and lifestyle.

There are two main types of surgery for hair loss - transplantation and scalp reduction.

  • Hair transplantation (microfollicular grafting) refers to the surgical movement of permanent hair from densely covered sites on the sides or back of the head (grafts), with its roots intact, to an area of bald or balding skin. Hair transplantation is the only thoroughly proven way to permanently restore hair to thinning or bald areas of the scalp. Eyebrow restoration and reconstruction can also be performed using hair transplantation.
  • Scalp reduction involves the surgical removal of sections of a bald scalp. Elastic devices then are placed under the skin to stretch the hair-bearing scalp over these areas. Today, this procedure is utilized in only a very small number of patients.

View our online hair transplant gallery of before and after pictures.

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