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The Penn Medicine Telestroke Program enables Penn providers to communicate with remote hospitals to immediately evaluate and treat individuals experiencing an acute stroke. Because time matters when having a stroke, the Telestroke Program provides remote access to the expertise needed when stroke specialists are not present or immediately available at the hospital in which the patient presents. The goal is to prevent any further damage to the brain. In many cases, time-sensitive treatment such as alteplase(tPA) is recommended, which can save brain function and reduce disability if given within the first four and a half hours of onset.

Penn Medicine's board-certified vascular neurologists work with the bedside clinical team to triage patients remotely to rapidly identify those who are eligible for acute stroke therapies that can be administered immediately and to identify patients who may benefit from the specialized interventions and novel therapies available at Penn.

Services and Eligibility

  • Virtual provider-to-provider emergency consultation
  • Patients of participating hospitals and health systems

Telestroke Clinical Services

Penn Telestroke Program services include:

  • 24/7 acute stroke expertise on-demand
  • Rapid access to advanced neurosurgical or neuroradiological interventions and clinical research from specialists at Penn Neurosciences
  • Orientation and IT support for Emergency Department nurses and physicians

Benefits of Telestroke

The faster a patient receives proper treatment for stroke, the better the chances for recovery. Benefits include:

  • Immediate brain imaging review by a Penn stroke expert
  • Remote examination and consultation by a Penn stroke expert
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Immediate treatment options

Partner with Us

Penn's Telestroke Program works best with hospitals which have local stroke expertise, where our program can augment existing coverage, helping to increase capacity and ensure high-quality care is available at all times. Local clinicians connect, via two-way audio and video communication, with Penn stroke specialists. When local hospitals can treat patients with this remote support, it is more convenient for patients and families;and can save money by eliminating unnecessary medical transportation. Hospitals experience an improved bottom line through correct reimbursement, and their providers learn from repeating care.

If you are a provider or program administrator interested in partnering with Penn Medicine for Telestroke, please contact our Program Administrator at 215-615-3581.

Services and Eligibility

  • Virtual provider-to-provider emergency consultation
  • Patients of participating hospitals and health systems


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