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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • 2020 REI Einstein/Montefiore; GYN ONC Cooper Hospital; MFM University of Pennsylvania
  • 2019 Family Planning Washington Univeristy; GYN ONC University of North Carolina
  • 2018 URO GYN  Mt. Sinai
  • 2017 GYN ONC  University of Pennsylvania; Family Planning Yale
  • 2016 GYN ONC  University of Pennsylvania; GYN ONC University of Oklahoma; MFM UT Galveston
  • 2015 GYN ONC UC Davis, Family Planning Columbia, Women's Global Duke Univesity
  • 2014 GYN ONC Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • 2013 MFM University of Pittsburgh
  • 2012 GYN ONC Washington University; MFM St. Luke's / Roosevelt
  • 2011 Family Planning University of Pennsylvania; GYN ONC UCSD
  • 2010 GYN ONC Mt Sinai Hospital; UROGYN Duke University; Family Planning University of Utah

Our Recent Graduates

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