Cardio-Oncology Team 2017The Penn Cardio-Oncology Fellowship provides comprehensive education and training across this multidisciplinary subspecialty. We believe that collaboration and communication between cardiologists and oncologists, in addition to other personnel, is vital to the success of a cardio-oncology program and fellowship. To this end, we encourage co-management of relevant issues, so that trainees can gain a full understanding of the advantages as well as the importance of teamwork.

Our fellows benefit from opportunities to attend oncology and cardiology grand rounds, tumor boards and case conferences, and the close relationship between these departments allows fellows to gain comprehensive subspecialty knowledge.

In contrast to other cardio-oncology programs, at Penn at least one cardio-oncologist has clinic on any given weekday, providing fellows with ample patient exposure. Cardio-oncology sees inpatient consults when patients with a history of cancer necessitating therapy with chemotherapy or radiation, or patients currently being treated, have a cardiovascular issue.

In addition to clinical experience, Penn fellows have exposure to original research and Penn's rich cardiovascular research programs.

Our cardio-oncology fellowship offers the full spectrum of education and training, allowing fellows to have limited exposure or become experts in the field.

How to Apply

To apply, please contact: Dr. Joseph Carver at