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Woman receiving a nipple and areola tattoo

When it comes to breast reconstruction, nipple and areola enhancement are typically the final step. This treatment is a form of micropigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing. Our team is extremely fortunate to have one of the only tattoo artists in the region who specializes in 3D nipple tattoos.

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What to expect during nipple tattooing

As part of their breast reconstruction, many patients want their areola to match their new breast. You'll discuss your vision with your surgeon and tattoo artist during your pre-treatment consultation.

During treatment, the tattoo artist will measure and outline the nipple area. Then, she will embed organic pigment beneath the skin to create a natural, permanent and beautiful nipple and areola.

Video thumbnail for Emily's patient story about nipple tattoos after a mastectomy

To understand the nipple tattoo process and see the final product, watch our video featuring patient, Emily, and tattoo artist, Mandy Sauler.

Nipple and areola enhancement risks

Micropigmentation carries risks, including infection, allergic reaction, granulomas and keloid formations. Your aesthetician will talk with you about skin care after your treatment.

Be aware that certain products — such as those containing aloe vera, Retin A or glycolic acid — can cause the tattoo to fade more quickly. In fact, the pigment will fade by about 50 percent after the first week of treatment and may require a touch-up yearly — especially if you are fair skinned.

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Nipple tattooing is performed by micropigmentation specialists, Mandy Sauler and Monica Barnes, from the Sauler Institute for Tattooing. Mandy and Monica work closely with our plastic surgeons and patients at Penn Cosmetic Surgery locations.

Contact the Sauler Institute for Tattooing by filling out the online form or calling 484-883-6827.

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