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Penn Cosmetic Surgery

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Our faces tell the stories of our lives in lines and wrinkles that develop as part of the natural aging process. Maybe you don’t mind the lines, but you’ve always wished for a different chin shape or nose. Or maybe you want to restore your face to how it looked before the wrinkles set in.

Our exceptional plastic surgeons, among the best in the country, can improve the appearance of your face according to your goals by naturally restoring ideal proportions, shape and balance. This may involve addressing changes in your face due to aging or enhancing your natural features.  

Working closely with you, our surgeons develop treatment approaches that redefine the way you look and feel, getting you back to your life feeling more confident and better than ever.  

Love your face, love yourself

As the first step in the process, we invite you to meet with one of our surgeons for a personalized consultation. During this consultation, you’ll discuss your areas of concern and desired results, and your surgeon will share procedure options, so you can present your ideal self to everyone you encounter. 

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Discover how we can tailor our facial surgery procedures to benefit you. Contact us by filling out our online form or calling us at 610-902-1828.

Non-Surgical and Surgical Facial Procedures

Get more details about the facial treatments and surgeries available here:


Botox® injections treat frown lines, deep wrinkles and other fine lines on the face.

Brow Lift

Elevate and tighten the skin around your eyebrows and upper eyelids with brow lift surgery.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery removes drooping skin and excess fat from the upper and lower eyelids to decrease bagginess or puffiness under the eyes.

Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Cosmetic nose surgery to decrease size, change the bridge or alter the angle can profoundly impact your appearance and self-confidence.


Reduce the signs of aging in your face by tightening sagging skin and smoothing wrinkles through a facelift.

Facial Rejuvenation

Improve skin color, texture and tone, as well as reduce wrinkles and fine lines with facial rejuvenation treatments.


If you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without surgery, injectable fillers may be right for you.


Contour and improve the appearance of submental fullness with Kybella™, the first and only FDA-approved nonsurgical treatment for "double chin."

Neck Lift

Even though a neck lift focuses on one specific area, the results our plastic surgeons create often enhance the entire facial appearance.

Silhouette Instalift®

Silhouette Instalift ® is a new non-surgical, in-office procedure that uses dissolving thread sutures applied deep to the skin to reduce the appearance of aging skin to the mid-face or jawline area.
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