Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure to restore the shape and appearance of one or both breasts following a mastectomy. People who choose breast reconstruction report feeling and looking better after their breast cancer experience. Breast reconstruction following mastectomy is covered by health insurance.

At Penn, we believe that breast reconstruction after mastectomy is an integral part of breast cancer treatment. We perform the highest volume of breast reconstruction in the nation. Our surgeons have performed over 5,000 free flap breast reconstruction surgeries in the past seven years. This high volume of breast reconstructions means that our patients are seen by some of the most experienced breast cancer surgeons in the region. It also allows us to teach the next generation of plastic surgeons the latest surgical techniques.

BRA Day 2020 Virtual Celebration

Every year we raise awareness of breast reconstruction options and celebrate the journey our breast cancer patients have been on by bringing doctors and patients together for a Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day event. The highlight of the event was a live panel discussion on breast reconstruction and COVID-19, which was led by breast reconstructive surgeons and moderated by Dana Donofree, CEO and founder of AnaOno Intimates.

Breast Reconstruction Options

A variety of breast reconstruction surgery options are performed at Penn Medicine. You and your plastic surgeon can discuss the best choice for you.

3D Nipple Tattooing

After breast reconstructive surgery, many women choose to have nipple reconstruction, including 3D nipple tattooing. This procedure, also called micropigmentation, adds color and texture to the nipple area. Penn Medicine’s lead micropigmentation specialist, Mandy Sauler, is board certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation and a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics.

See if nipple and areola tattooing is right for you: Learn more about the Sauler Institute for Tattooing, or call 484-883-6827.

Peer Support for Breast Reconstruction

Penn Plastic Surgery offers a Peer-to-Peer Telephone Program to connect you with other women who have undergone breast reconstruction at Penn. Patients will be matched with volunteers who have had the same type of surgery and similar treatments for cancer — someone who has been there. You can then connect over the phone to share your experiences and get a peer's perspective on your upcoming surgery and recovery process.

To take part in this program, please let your surgeon or nurse know, or contact the Program Administrator, Allyson Burke MSN, CRNP-BC at 215-662-7300.

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Breast Reconstruction Options

Our surgeons will discuss each technique with you and determine which type can best meet your needs and goals.

Breast Reconstruction Process

Here's what you should expect during pre- and post-breast reconstructive surgery.

Patient Stories

Hear from patients who had breast reconstruction surgery with Penn Medicine.

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