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Penn Medicine cosmetic surgeons are artists and scientists. We don't only perform cutting-edge procedures, we define them and set the standards for the rest of the world. 

Consistently Raising the Bar in Plastic Surgery

Each month, Penn Medicine requires every surgeon to peer review cases in the same fashion as heart and brain surgeons. As a result, we are constantly fine-tuning and improving every procedure based on input from multiple world-renowned surgeons. Few plastic surgeons have the luxury or ability to collaborate at this level and receive such profound inputs on a consistent basis to improve their techniques.

Our unique experience in reconstructive surgery means we can move tissues and nerves in ways other surgeons would not consider and may even be afraid to do. As microsurgeons, we are better equipped and savvy in tiny incisions, creating a natural effect that others cannot.

Because we are not a private practice, we have the time to dedicate to honing our skills and staying in the know, rather than worrying about running a business. We focus solely on individual patient needs and technological advancements to give you the best results.

Training today’s and tomorrow’s plastic surgeons

Dr. Serletti demonstrating a cosmetic services procedure to residents

We train seasoned and next-generation plastic surgeons. And because we teach both savvy and new surgeons on a regular basis, we’re constantly challenged to think about how to improve.

We’re proud to present our strategies and research in our classroom, at conferences and in medical journals to serve the greater plastic surgery community.

Surgery can be scary, and we want our patients to understand all aspects of the procedures they may undergo -- from how to prepare, to what to expect afterward. Through teaching plastic surgery, we have become skilled at explaining procedures and answering questions in a way that gives patients a full understanding of exactly what is happening every step of the way.

Dr. Ivona Percec in the anti-aging lab

The Anti-Aging Lab

Our team works with you to evolve your body into what you envision through programs that combine our most popular services.

Safety First and Foremost

Aesthetician looking at skin care product in Penn Plastic Surgery Bryn Mawr patient exam room

The levels of safety procedures we have in place are virtually nonexistent at clinics and private practices. The reason is that we are part of Penn Medicine, an academic medical center, which has extremely strict governance to which other plastic surgeons are not required to adhere.

We have the backing of a large institution with the best doctors and surgeons in the world for every medical discipline. Should you need it, the entire Penn Medicine health system and its facilities are at your disposal.

Using the highest quality cosmetics products and technology

We are not enticed by new products and equipment with great marketing. In fact, we’re excruciatingly selective in what we offer. We vet everything and will not recommend anything to patients without the proven results to back it up.

We are invited by manufacturers to review products and participate in trials. If it’s out there, we’re on it. If we like it, we offer it. When it comes out, we already know how to use it and are training other surgeons.

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