Lung Transplant Surgeons

Lung transplant surgeons are physicians trained to perform surgeries of the chest, including heart and lung procedures. Surgeons perform the lung transplant operation and care for patients immediately following surgery. Below is a list of Penn's lung transplant surgeons.


Pulmonologists are medical doctors who specializes in diseases of the lungs and have specific training to manage the complex medical issues that may arise prior to and following lung transplantation. They provide care through all phases of transplantation. Below is a list of Penn's pulmonologists.

Physician Contributors

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners are specialized nurses with advanced education and training who work with patients and the interdisciplinary lung transplant team to develop a plan of care tailored to the patients' needs and goals. They are licensed to see patients independently and to prescribe as necessary. Below is a list of Penn's lung transplant nurse practitioners.

Transplant Nurse Coordinators

Transplant nurse coordinators are care nurses who collaborate with the nurse practitioners and physicians to support patients and their care givers through all phases of the lung transplant process. Below is a list of the Penn lung transplant nurse coordinators.

  • Colleen Gerlach, BSN, RN
  • Amanda Leech, BSN, RN
  • Daniel Miller, BSN, RN
  • Stephanie Neal, BSN, RN
  • Jadeen Rosenthal, BSN, RN
  • Jaclyn Taglialatela, BSN, RN

Medical Assistants

Medical assistants work with the lung transplant clinical team to facilitate patient care by triaging telephone calls, answering questions, obtaining medication prior authorizations and supporting communication with outside agencies and providers. The Penn lung transplant medical assistants are:

  • Dianne Abel, CMA
  • Chaunte Dorsey, CMA
  • Grace Mercado, CMA

Patient Service Representatives

Patient service representatives answer the phones, schedule patient appointments, and facilitate referrals to other practices within the health system. The Penn lung transplant patient service representatives are:

  • Micah Rembert
  • Kristina Fairy
  • Nikkia Bennett

Social Workers

Social workers provide advocacy, supportive counseling, communication, and education throughout the transplant process. Below is a list of Penn's lung transplant social workers.

  • Erica Higman, MSW, LSW
  • Kelly Suter, MSW, LSW

Finance Coordinators

Financial coordinators assist with questions and/or concerns related to health insurance coverage and the costs related to lung transplantation. This may include providing assistance with obtaining, maintaining or changing insurance plans, Medicare and state assistance. Below is a list of Penn's finance coordinators.

  • Michelle Plummer


The lung transplant team dietitian meets with patients to discuss eating habits, nutritional needs and create nutritional plans. Below is a list of Penn's Dietitians.

  • Katie Stratton, MA, RD, LDN

Transplant Pharmacist

The transplant pharmacist works with the lung transplant physicians and nurse practitioners to ensure that every patient's medication regimen is appropriate to their needs. Below is a list of Penn's transplant pharmacists.

  • Tamara Claridge, PharmD, BCPS

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Respiratory therapists and physical therapists assess patients' physical fitness and make recommendations for exercise to promote strength, endurance and flexibility. Below is a list of our respiratory and physical therapists.

  • Joseph Adler, PT, DPT, CCS
  • Chad Bonsall, RRT
  • Derek Zaleski, PT, DPT
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