Hepatitis C

After Elaine was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, her physicians determined that she needed a liver transplant. Rather than wait for a liver to become available, her daughter, Meredith, donated a portion of her liver to Elaine. This is their story.

Hepatitis C and a Living Donor Liver Transplant

Elaine suffered with hepatitis C for years before her doctors determined that a liver transplant was her best option. When she and her daughter, Meredith, heard about the living donor program at the Penn Transplant Institute, they decided to find out more about it.

Matching to Become a Living Donor

After going through numerous tests, doctors found that Meredith was a match. She did a lot of research to assess the risks involved in donating her liver and made preparations with her family. To prepare her young son and explain to him what was going on, she and Elaine wrote and illustrated a book, using a superheroes analogy.

In this video, Elaine and Meredith discuss their experiences at Penn, what it was like going through a live liver transplant and what was most helpful for them in the process.