Penn Gynecology provides women with preventative gynecologic care and offers clinical programs to address the needs of women throughout every stage of their lives.

Doctor and patient

Complete Care

Penn offers a wide variety of gynecologic programs and services specifically designed to meet women's health and wellness needs.

Advanced Gynecologic Surgery

Our physicians provide either combined obstetrical and gynecologic care or gynecologic care only. Our general gynecology programs focus on routine preventive care, including Pap smears, breast exams, mammography, contraceptive counseling and other gynecologic screenings.

Gynecology Programs and Services

Adolescent Gynecology

Specialized care for adolescent females with gynecologic concerns, including contraceptive counseling and fertility preservation

Advanced Gynecologic Surgery

Minimally invasive and robotic-assisted procedures to treat cervical and uterine cancer, fibroids, endometriosis, uterine prolapse and excessive bleeding

Menopause Services

Treating and discussing physical and emotional menopausal symptoms with you

Premenstrual Syndrome

Relieving PMS symptoms through medication, counseling, nutrition and more

Reproductive Surgery

Performing and developing new reproductive surgical treatments and procedures 

PCOS Program

Services for women to better manage their polycystic ovary syndrome symptoms and related conditions

LGBT Reproductive Health Program

Compassionate reproductive health care for the LGBT community

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