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Bringing leading-edge research to clinical care

Penn Medicine recognizes the value of having clinical nurses who are attuned to research in the field of nursing practice. Nursing practice at Penn Medicine hospitals is guided by the most current available research. This model of practice, called Evidence-Based Practice, ensures that patients are receiving cutting-edge care. Nurses work in interdisciplinary teams and continually evaluate the most current research recommendations in light of their clinical practice areas. Practice policies are continually updated according to research findings. This process ensures that patients receive the most effective and efficient care.

Penn Medicine also fosters a culture of nursing inquiry. Penn nurses are encouraged to identify research questions arising from their clinical work experiences. Doctorally prepared nurse researchers at Penn Medicine mentor clinical nurses in the conduct of research at the bedside. This mentorship also includes helping the nurses develop scholarly presentations and publications. Promoting a culture of inquiry helps develop our clinical nurses as leaders, whose impact extends beyond Penn Medicine. Such leadership ensures world-class patient care.

NIH Funded Nursing Study – Putting Data to Work

In the fall of 2012 Penn Medicine nurses participated in a study funded by the National Institute of Health. Kathy Bowles, Professor at Penn Nursing, was the principal investigator of the study titled Putting Data to Work: The Importance of Nursing Assessment in Building Decision Support.

The study used the documentation performed by nurses via Knowledge-Based Charting (KBC), also known as the electronic medical record, from the Adult Patient Profile and A/I flow sheet fields to build decision support. Those patients needing a referral for post-acute care, such as home care, were identified through this process. The system also suggested the best services for the particular patient characteristics.

The hospitals of Penn Medicine participated in this study with the full support of each Chief Nursing Officer.

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