Renal researcher in lab

Penn Medicine is devoted to optimizing outcomes for patients, developing novel treatments and advancing clinical excellence in the field of nephrology through research. Our physicians and researchers take part in both basic science research and clinical research that build upon each other to further develop innovative diagnostic techniques, treatments and provide a better understanding of the origins of kidney disease.

In This Section

Basic Science Research

Faculty members in the Renal-Electrolyte and Hypertension Division engage in basic laboratory research that results in fundamental discoveries to further advance our understanding of kidney diseases.

Clinical Trials

Penn's Renal-Electrolyte and Hypertension Division offers patients clinical trials to try new treatments that could potentially improve their condition while taking part in vital research.

Research Interests

Physicians at Penn's Renal-Electrolyte and Hypertension Division conduct both basic science and clinical research to further develop the latest treatments for kidney disorders.

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