As the nation's first Department of Medicine, Penn Medicine maintains high standards with dedicated research laboratories and facilities while being a leader in advancing patient care through research and clinical trials. In accordance with the mission of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, the Department of Medicine is committed to the advancing science and the knowledge of medicine, and pursuing the highest standards in patient-centered care. Our Department is dedicated to:

  • Developing leaders in academic medicine by providing comprehensive clinical training in an environment that promotes biomedical research and medical education.
  • Expanding the frontiers of medicine through new discoveries in biomedical sciences with the goal of understanding, detection, treatment, and prevention of human disease;
  • Enhancing our patients’ well-being through application of the latest medical and scientific advances, delivered with skill, integrity, respect, and compassion;
  • Serving our community, country and the community of nations with the goal of improving global health and decreasing the burden of disease.
  • Providing a nurturing and supportive environment that promotes personal and professional growth and a culture that recognizes the value of inclusion and diversity.
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