Penn Center for Personalized Diagnostics

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Precision Diagnostics for Personalized Medicine

Penn Center for Personalized Diagnostics

The Center for Personalized Diagnostics (CPD) is a joint initiative between Penn Medicine's Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and the Abramson Cancer Center to support precision medicine at Penn.

The CPD aims to uncover genetic mutations within a patient's own cancer that can allow for a more targeted and personalized "precision" treatment strategy.

By integrating Molecular Genetics, Pathology Informatics, and Genomic Pathology for precision-medicine diagnoses, the CPD can help physicians provide an appropriate and individualized treatment plan for their patients.

Precision genomic diagnostics can identify patients who might benefit from current, often cutting-edge therapies, while sparing those who do not have a particular genetic signature from the costs and side effects of certain treatments.

Most importantly perhaps, precision medicine can significantly reduce the time conventional diagnostic approaches require, allowing patients and their loved ones to make informed decisions – when time matters most.

Inside the Penn Center for Personalized Diagnostics

About Us

The Center for Personalized Diagnostics paves the way for a new era of genomic pathology.

Services and Research

The Center for Personalized Diagnostics provides the highest volume of genome testing in the region.

Gene Panels

The focus of the CPD's initial efforts has been toward developing two cancer gene sequencing panels: a custom hematologic malignancy panel and a solid tumor panel.

Physician Resources and Referrals

The genetic data we compile empowers physicians to take an individualized approach to cancer care, giving them the tools to refine diagnosis, provide better prognostication, and adjust treatment plans accordingly.

Patient Care

Our physicians custom-tailor and personalize your treatment options, and avoid methods that may potentially be harmful. It all starts with a request for genetic testing.


The Center for Personalized Diagnostics is led by experts in the field of molecular genetics, researchers and physicians who bring innovation to patient care.

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