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Medical School: State University of New York - Upstate Residency Program: University of Pennsylvania

Plastic surgeon, John Fischer, MD, MPH, thinks a lot about the best case scenario for his patients. In fact, he actively studies what their experiences entail—from their first call to Penn Cosmetic Surgery to their post-surgery follow-up care.

“The best outcome for both the patient and myself is very similar,” Dr. Fischer says. “I want the patient to be satisfied with their look and feel, with their scar, and how they were taken care of. I want them to be treated with respect, have their questions always addressed, and have someone to rely on. I usually can see it on a patient’s face after surgery.”

Dr. Fischer considers a pleased patient the biggest compliment to his work. “When the entire process happens smoothly and the patient refers other friends and family to you, that’s the best indicator of success,” he says.

To make sure his patients are always happy, Dr. Fischer studies patient experiences and clinical outcomes. He looks at which operations work best for which patients, what the patients’ expectations were versus their actual experience, and how they were treated.

“I use cutting-edge ways to advance patient care and improve outcomes, and I am always looking for ways to do better,” Dr. Fischer explains. “I think that surgery is a very humbling specialty. We’re constantly learning from our patients, which helps drive the field further.”

Infusing artistry into surgery

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Fischer leaning against wallDr. Fischer’s interest in plastic surgery stems back to his initial motivation for studying medicine. He says he always had an interest in science, research, taking care of patients and improving their quality of life. Plastic surgery—from complex reconstruction to aesthetic procedures—brought all of those interests together.

Although he focuses on aesthetic surgery of the body – trunk, breasts, and extremities – he has expertise and enjoys working in all areas of plastic surgery including reconstruction.

“I don’t only perform cosmetic surgeries; I also perform reconstructive ones. Doing reconstructions helps me be a better aesthetic surgeon. The two specialties go hand in hand, and let you infuse your own artistry into the operation.” Dr. Fischer says.

With each cosmetic surgery patient, he tries to listen, understand, and precisely pinpoint what the patient dislikes about his or her appearance. Throughout the process, he stays very honest and transparent, and avoids “making it seem like I have some kind of magic potion.”

With inspiration

Initially, Dr. Fischer chose to study at Penn Medicine because of the people and opportunities. “The faculty is world class. To stay and be part of that team was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up,” he says.

To round out his work, Dr. Fischer maintains an active personal life. He values spending time with his family, exercising, traveling and trying new restaurants. He builds off of his clinical work, through his research, as well as the development of medical devices and a connected startup company.

“All of this inspires my interest in how we can innovate and move patient care and surgery forward—with inspiration,” Dr. Fischer says. 

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