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Woman receiving micropigmentation (permanent makeup tattoo) on eyebrows

Permanent makeup, or cosmetic tattooing, applies permanent color to your skin. An artistic process, it involves strokes of organic pigment beneath the skin to create a natural appearance that lasts a lifetime. Our highly skilled and well known micropigmentation specialists often apply permanent makeup to:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes such as eyeliner or lash enhancement
  • Lips

This can save you time on a daily basis or eliminate makeup allergies. It’s also a great option if you have vision problems, alopecia or have undergone breast reconstruction and want the areola to match your natural breast.

The Penn Experience

How permanent makeup works

Our permanent makeup specialists are more than skin care experts. They’re artists, who work by hand or with machine assistance, depending on your unique cosmetic needs. You’ll feel virtually no pain, as the makeup area is numbed prior to the procedure.

Over the following week, the new pigment may fade by about 50 percent. Two weeks later, you’ll schedule a re-application, which will reach your desired pigment. Please keep in mind that because the pigment lives so close to the top of the skin, many patients require a touch up about once a year.

Permanent makeup costs

Permanent makeup costs vary based on your specific treatment goals and other services you may also undergo. Your surgeon will discuss the cost of permanent makeup with you during your consultation, and our team is always available to help establish a permanent makeup payment plan that works for you.

Permanent makeup risks

Certain products—such as those containing aloe vera, Retin A or glycolic acid—may cause permanent makeup to fade more quickly. If you have fair skin, the tattooed skin also may fade more rapidly.

Risks include infection, allergic reactions, granulomas, and keloid formations. Your specialist will discuss any concerns prior to your procedure.

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