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Lynn Morton, cosmetic services patient

Lynn Morton spent years buying clothes larger than she needed in order to accommodate her large breasts.

“I had to buy dresses that were too big for me, except for the chest area. I began feeling uncomfortable in my work dresses, no matter how much I tried to hide how large my breasts were,” says Lynn. “Plus, my bras would cut into my rib cage, and my back was always aching.”

Lynn’s large breasts also hindered her physical activity. She loved running and taking Zumba classes, but even heavy support bras didn’t properly support her breasts.

Finally, at age 61, Lynn decided she’d had enough. Inspired by the positive changes her daughter experienced following breast reduction surgery, Lynn knew it was also the right choice for her.

“The changes it made in my daughter, both physically and mentally, were astounding,” says Lynn. She had so much more confidence, and that’s when I decided I was going to make the move to undergo surgery too.”

After carefully researching hospitals, Lynn settled on Penn Medicine. Her treatment team, including plastic and reconstructive surgeon Paris Butler, MD, made sure Lynn felt comfortable and supported from the moment she entered the office.

“Dr. Butler was very informative and professional, and his Nurse Practitioner, Lana, was unbelievable throughout the entire process,” explains Lynn.

During an outpatient procedure, Dr. Butler reduced Lynn’s breasts from a 38DDD to a 38C.

“I had no particular worries about the surgery, other than general anxiety of the surgery itself,” says Lynn. “The care at the hospital was excellent. I was also lucky to have a very supportive boyfriend.”

Lynn Morton, cosmetic services patient

These days, Lynn is able to fully enjoy her hobbies and can exercise with ease. She also loves how she looks and feels.

“The surgery was worth it. I’m so happy when I look in the mirror,” she says. “Although large breasts are attractive to a lot of men, at 61, I feel so much more attractive now that I am proportionate.”

In fact, Lynn’s newfound confidence was a highlight of her summer.

“I enjoy spending time at the rooftop pool at my condo. How I looked and felt in a bathing suit this summer was wonderful,” she says.

Lynn’s been happy to share her positive breast reduction surgery experience with others.

“I have already been spreading the word to my friends and coworkers about how this surgery will change their lives,” she says. “I’m telling everyone who is thinking about breast reduction to do it!”

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