Minimally-Invasive Approaches to Hip Replacement

For those suffering from severe hip pain, surgery may be the best treatment option. Depending on factors, such as age and overall condition of your hip, there are several surgical treatment options.

When possible, Penn Musculoskeletal surgeons perform minimally-invasive hip replacement surgery. The smaller incisions allow the surgeon access to the hip joint while preserving muscle function, enabling patients to return more quickly to their favorite activities.

In the video below, Charles L. Nelson, MD, Chief of Penn's Joint Replacement Service, discusses minimally-invasive approaches to hip replacement surgery and how they are performed at the Penn Musculoskeletal Center.

The Penn Musculoskeletal Center

The Penn Musculoskeletal Center is a team of doctors, nurses and physical therapists who take a whole-body approach to diagnosing and treating joint pain. These experts work together as a seamless unit to provide a wide range of treatments, not just surgery, and help you return to an active, pain-free lifestyle.

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