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Healthy Snacks that Travel Well

a bowl of trailmix

When you're traveling, there can be a lot of temptations that make it harder to stick to a healthy diet. One way to stay on track is to prepare for your trip with healthy snacks. 

Below are some of our favorite healthy snacks to bring or buy during your travels. These can be pre-packed or purchased at the airport or gas station.

100-calorie nut packs

Nuts are loaded with healthy fats, protein and fiber to keep you fuller for longer. Though nuts are good for us, they are a high calorie food. Purchase pre-portioned packs or portion out nuts in small baggies to prevent overeating.

Homemade trail mix

Making your own trail mix helps to control the sugar content, which may be higher in pre-packaged trail mixes. Try mixing your favorite nuts and seeds with a few dark chocolate morsels or dried fruit for a sweet mix. You can also try adding spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or even cayenne pepper to mix up the flavor of your trail mix.

Beef or turkey jerky

Though beef jerky and turkey jerky are loaded with protein, it also contains a lot of salt (also called sodium) to help preserve the meat. Be sure to stick to small portions of jerky and to drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetable to balance out the salt content.

High protein chips

If you really need something crunchy to munch on during your trip there are a few brands of healthy chips to try. The best places to purchase these high protein low carbohydrate chips are either online or at your local vitamin and supplement shop.

Individual peanut butter packets with whole wheat crackers

Individual peanut butter or other nut butter packets are an easy way to stick to proper portion sizes. Pair with whole wheat crackers for a quick easy snack.

Other great snacks

Packing a cooler for your trip? Here are some high protein snacks that are best refrigerated.

  • Protein shakes
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cheese sticks
  • Low fat cheese and crackers
  • Low fat yogurt

Remember, going on vacation does not mean giving up on your diet! Packing ahead of time ensures that you are prepared for whatever eating challenges arise. Continue to choose healthy options wherever you go and enjoy your vacation.

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