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Tricks for Avoiding Too Many Treats this Halloween

Colorful lollipops, gumballs, gummies, rock candy, sprinkles, and more

Don’t be tricked by Halloween treats that try to disrupt your healthy habits.

Although Halloween is often centered around sweets and candy, there are plenty of ways to make it more nutritious. Below are tips to help you navigate this holiday with confidence.

10 Tips for a
Healthy Halloween

  1. Manage your hunger. Pre-planned meals and snacks are a great way to keep you feeling satisfied and less likely to raid the candy bowl.
  2. Buy treats you do not like. If you prefer chocolate, buy gummies to decrease temptation. Also, try not to buy treats too early. The longer they are sitting around the house the more tempting they may be.
  3. Who says you have to give out candy? Consider fun alternatives, such as glow sticks, Halloween pencils, stickers, temporary tattoos, crayons or bubbles.
  4. Get moving. Get some exercise by making this Halloween a fun family event. Turn it into a workout by aiming to visit a certain number of houses or seeing who can climb the most stairs. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes!
  5. Focus on your favorite fall activities. There are plenty of fun fall activities that you can do in October that do not involve sweets. Apple picking, hayrides, costume parades, pumpkin picking and carving Jack-O-Lanterns are activities the entire family can enjoy.
  6. Out of sight, out of mind. If you have candy sitting around your house after Halloween, stash it in the freezer. Allow your children to eat a few pieces at a time. Having the candy in the freezer makes it less accessible for everyone and will help with proper portion control.
  7. Save the date. Set a date for declaring your home free of Halloween candy. This is the day all of the Halloween candy will be removed from the house.
  8. Celebrate with support. If you’re pre- or post-weight-loss surgery at Penn Medicine, you can join us at an upcoming support group. The group can provide the extra support you need from others who are going through the same thing you are.
  9. Keep a positive perspective. If you make a mistake, stay positive. Weight loss and maintenance is a long‐term effort and one day will not make or break your weight-loss goal.
  10. Host a healthy Halloween party. Invite your friends and host a party with treats that you provide. Try out a new healthy recipe and enjoy the company of family and friends.

We hope you have a happy and healthy Halloween!

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