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    Beatrice Hahn and George Shaw have contributed to nearly every aspect of HIV research. They have also worked to develop methods to identify and characterize a "transmitted founder virus." That allows them to infer what molecular and genetic traits are necessary and sufficient for a virus to cross a mucosal barrier and establish an active infection.
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    Penn's Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics draws on principles from economics and psychology to look at how people make choices in complex contexts – such as personal finances and health. As Kevin Volpp, M.D., Ph.D., the center's director, points out, in those situations, "we often are our own worst enemies."
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    Charles C. Branas, Ph.D., had been studying gun violence and its connection to geography and place since coming to Penn in 2000. “I really wanted to turn the corner and start doing something to improve health and safety.” To do so, he’s employed one of epidemiology’s oldest tools – maps.
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