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    When the University's first medical program opened in 1765, gross anatomy was a part of it. Even with today's "virtual curriculum" and other technical and educational advances, medical students continue to learn essential lessons in such courses. Taking gross anatomy is a rite of passage — and more.
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    At Penn Medicine, physician-scientists are creating new DNA vaccines that hold great promise for fighting disease more effectively, with fewer side effects. Less like a drug in a bottle or a vaccine in a vial, they are "more like a next-generation blood transfusion." But the new vaccines are expensive, and funding can be hard to find.
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    Studies show that, even today, women in academic medicine are severely underrepresented in the ranks of tenured professors and in leadership positions. Achieving equity is a not-so-simple matter of changing the culture of medical schools. A recent grant will help Penn investigators explore strategies for doing exactly that.
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