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    The Transformation of Transfusion Medicine — At Penn, a critical mass of experts and sophisticated new technologies has helped transform transfusion medicine. Although it continues its diagnostic function, transfusion medicine is increasingly involved in therapy – for example, in collecting and purifying lymphocytes that will be re-engineered to combat specific infections or attack cancer cells.
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    Regenerative Medicine: Ready to Take the Lead — Although embryonic stem cells were the focus of scrutiny – and controversy – in recent years, many scientists continued to explore other ways to generate or reprogram cells for therapeutic use. Now with one of the pioneers in the field as its director, Penn's Institute for Regenerative Medicine seeks to establish itself as a leader among such programs.
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    Hair Brained — George Cotsarelis, M.D. ’87, has drawn wide – and sometimes fervent – interest for his research on hair loss. So far, his team has succeeded in generating new hair in mice. But the interim step may prove more significant: By generating hair follicles that produce the hair, the researchers accomplished the first successful regeneration of a mammalian organ.
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