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Countdown to Match Day: Jason Han

jason han
Each year, soon-to-be graduating medical students count down to the third Friday in March, also known as “Match Day,” when they find out where they will continue their medical training. Jason Han, a fourth-year student in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania who recently wrote about medical errors from both sides of the stethoscope, shares his story here.

I first arrived in the United States when I was 10, accompanied by my brother, my parents, and many, many reassurances that this opportunity – immigration, as we later came to know it – would change our lives.

The first few years were filled with excitement and trepidation. Assimilating to a new culture while overcoming a language barrier was immensely challenging. I cried for an entire afternoon after getting a “C” on a quiz because I didn’t know the word, “triangle.”

Our family was dealt a crushing blow when my father lost his job and had to return to South Korea in search of another one. Only a year into our journey, it felt like the American dream was evaporating right in front of us.  

It was during this crisis that my parents made an unforgettable sacrifice. My mother stayed in New Jersey with my brother and me to support our education. My parents’ separation lasted more than a decade, ending only when my brother and I were both in college and she and my father reunited in South Korea.

My parents’ selfless decision and the inspiration they provided us helped propel me toward my dream of becoming a cardiac surgeon.

Read the rest of Jason’s blog on and Follow Jason and the rest of PSOM’s class of 2017 using #PSOMMatch to stay updated as Match Day approaches.  

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