ACC-PAH-staff-open-houseThe Abramson Cancer Center Pennsylvania Hospital (ACC PAH) officially launched last month with a formal reception and an employee open house in the new Infusion Department. Formerly located on the second floor of cancer center in the Farm Journal, the site of the new, larger department opened on the fifth floor of Farm Journal. Its previous site on the second floor is now dedicated to cancer research and expanded space for supportive care services.

“The growth of our cancer center is perfectly illustrated by the opening of our new Infusion Department,” said Dr. Arthur Staddon. “This, of course, is where our patients come for treatment – patients who spend a considerable amount of time under our roof, entrusting us to help them overcome their own personal battle with cancer. You’ve heard the expression, ‘It takes a village…?’  Well, we assembled our own village of sorts to create this new department. We sought input from an interdisciplinary team of members from multiple hospital departments and most importantly, we sought the input of our patients and staff. Collectively, this priceless insight helped us to better understand the needs of everyone – patients, family members, caregivers, physicians and staff – so we could create the most accommodating and effective treatment environment possible.”

ACC-PAH-Open-House-TV-Treatment-BayShown here:  Individual, flat screen TVs mounted on adjustable "arms" are available to all patients of the new ACC PAH Infusion Department.

The new Infusion Department is equipped with the latest technology and amenities to address individual patient needs. The department’s décor is comprised of calming surfaces (think panes of glass that resemble rippling pools of water), soothing colors, comfortable furniture, and lots of natural light, as well as treatment bays and rooms to accommodate all stages of care and desired amounts of privacy for patients. The new department also offers strategically located nurses stations, patient intake areas, a dedicated pharmacy equipped with its own chemotherapy mixing room, and staff break room.

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