Nurses-Wk-logoNational Nurses Week officially kicks off atPAH just as it does across the US and every year – on May 6 – FlorenceNightingale’s birthday. According to the American Nurses Association, fewer than twenty nurses attended the firstconvention of the Nurses Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada in1896, which eventually became the American Nurses Association in 1911. Andsince there were no laws licensing nurses at the time there was not a singleregistered nurse at the first convention. (Click here for A Brief History ofNational Nurses Week.)

My howthings have changed! Take a walk through the Units of PAH today and you willmeet RNs pursuing advanced degrees,achieving professional certification,and practicing evidence-based care. Along with the unit nurse you seeadvanced practice nurses, all working together, helping to improve the courseof health care delivery.

PAH has many long-standing nursingtraditions in the delivery of patient care andnursing education. Over many decades, our nurses continue to set an exampleof how their profession is so much more than just care-giving. Nursing, 21stCentury-style, is a true blended practice. It is where the art of caring meetsthe science of medicine to alleviate human suffering, treat and prevent illnessand injury, and contribute to the improvement of the human condition.

“As we celebrate this nurses week I want toexpress the tremendous amount of pride, gratitude and admiration I have for myteam,” said Mary Del Guidice, MSN, RN, CENP, chief nursing officer.“They inspire me!”

AllPAH employees and staff are welcome and encouraged to join the Nurses Weekevents. For the complete calendar of NursesWeek events at PAH, please visit the Nursing homepage on the PAH Intranet orclick here. 


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