Tonya-JohnsonTonyaJohnson, MSN, RN, CCRN, has been appointed Clinical Directorfor the Emergency Department and 5 and 6 Cathcart.


As aclinical director over the past two years, Tonya has achieved manysuccesses leading and supporting the Critical Care, Dialysis, 7CC and 6Steams. Also during this time Tonya has led many initiatives such as thedevelopment of the new Shared Governance Model, ICCU Admission/DischargeCriteria, implementation of CRRT, and the establishment of many new nursingpractices in support of patient care. “Over the past five months Tonya hassupported the Emergency Department during an interim period and very quicklyearned the respect and support of both the ED Nursing and physician teams,” saidMary Del Guidice, MSN, BS, RN, CENP, chief nursing officer at PAH. “In ashort period of time Tonya and her team have achieved many impressiveaccomplishments in quality, safety, satisfaction and financial outcomes.”

Currently,Tonya co-leads the Cardiac Service Line Patient Experience team and the PennMedicine CARP redesign Team – and is enrolled in a doctoral program.


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