Dwayne-McCollumPAHmourns the untimely passing of a beloved employee last month, Dwayne McCollum from SPD. Dwayne cameto PAH in October of 2006, as a Transport Associate. He was promoted to a LeadTransport Associate in 2010.

The following fond comments and memories are from some of Dwayne’s closestco-workers to celebrate and honor his memory:

Dwayne was one of the friendliest most out spoken people you could ever meet. He was the type of person that made you enjoy coming to work even on the toughest days. I'm going miss all his stories, advice and corny jokes. But most of all, I’m going to miss being able to call him or come to work and get his advice on something. Thanks for always being there for me Dwayne…for always being fair to everybody and helping out when our work load was heavy. It was a pleasure to work with him I will never forget the three and a half years I got to work with him and all the things he taught me. I know I’m speaking for all of us when I say, “We are all going to miss you."  We will never be the same without Dwayne. We didn’t just lose a co-worker. We lost a good friend.

    -Malik Turner

Dwayne will truly be missed. He always gave me a hug anda smile whenever he saw me. Then, after the hug he would do a little dance forme and we would enjoy a laugh together. I will miss him and his warm and funnygreetings. They made my day.

    -Pat Eikerenkoetter

I knew Dwayne since he started at Pennsylvania Hospitalback in 2006. He always had a smile and a kind word to offer everyone he met. Inever saw him unhappy or not smiling. He will be greatly missed by theTransport staff.


One thing I will always remember about Dwayne that makesme smile was his “need for clarity.” It was sort of an inside joke between us.Whenever I would discuss something with him that needed to be done, Dwayne wasalways very concerned about making sure he got it right. So he’d always say,‘Come on Dennis, I need some clarity. Give me some clarity!”

    -DennisGibson, Jr.


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