50th-Emp-Serv-AwardsCompared to PAH being the nation’sfirst hospital which just celebrated its 262nd anniversary this pastMay, celebrating employee service for the past 50 years may not seem like sucha long time. However, much has changed medically, technologically, and sociallyover the past five decades.

Fifty years ago…

There was no Civil RightsAct.
No Equal RightsAmendment.
No one had ever performeda coronary angioplasty and man had yet to set foot on the surface of the moon.

Fifty years ago at PAH,there was…

No Preston Building.
No Cathcart Building.
No Widener Building.
No new wing on the Spruce or Hall MercerBuildings.
No Penn Medicine Neuroscience Center on thecorner of 9th and Pine
No Farm Journal Building.
No Penn Medicine.
No Penn MedicineWashington Square.

Fifty years ago, insteadof physician offices and practices, the 301 South 8th Street side ofthe Duncan Building was the Student Nurses Residence. If malestaff were to enter the building, they had to open the door and yell in, “Manon the floor!” before they could enter.

Fifty years ago, therewas no such thing as a Gamma Knife or Cyber Knife or deep brain stimulation –three modern medical technologies synonymous with PAH today. There were no CTscans or MRIs or even automatic blood pressure machines. There were no cellphones or PCs and the only computer the hospital had was in the Hub Building –where Widener now stands. A one floor building dedicated to housing the single,main frame computer of the hospital.

Living in such arapid-fire age of change and advancement, it truly was cause for celebration thatcolleagues and love ones were able to gather once again to celebrate the 50thanniversary of our Employee Service Awards.

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