Get-Your-Flu-ShotAs you know, Penn Medicine has joinedleading health care organizations across the country in requiring seasonal fluimmunization for all faculty, staff, students, volunteers and contractedpersonnel in order to protect patients, employees, family members and thecommunity from influenza infection through annual immunization.  

Over past recent years, 99 percent of PAHand UPHS employees have been vaccinated for seasonal influenza. Getting the fluvaccine reduces the risk of illness for our staff and helps keep our patients,colleagues, and families safe and healthy.

UPHS has been recognized by theState of Pennsylvania for this key patient safety initiative.

Provided at PAH free of charge, seasonalinfluenza vaccines are needed annually for maximum protection. The 2012-13seasonal influenza vaccine protects against the three most likely influenzastrains expected to circulate this year, all of which are different from thosein the prior year’s vaccine.

In order toreceive seasonal flu vaccine through Employee Health, employees must have apre-printed, bar-coded Employee Influenza VaccinationConsent Form. The Form is pre-printed with the employee’s name,department and job title. Click here to get astep-by-step guide to print your Flu Consent Form.

Forthe more information and the complete schedule of vaccination dates andlocations, just click on the “GetYour Flu Shot!” button on the PAHIntranet page. For questions, please contact Maureen McLaughlin,CRNP, MSN, MBA, at 215.829.6461 or

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