• November 19
    Penn HomeownershipServices Credit Counseling Workshop
  • December 10
    Employee Flu Vaccine Campaign
  • December 13
    Annual PAH Holiday Meal
  • December 17
    Next Magnet Monday      


Penn Homeownership Services CreditCounseling Workshop – November 19

PennHomeownership Services is hosting a Credit Counseling Workshop on Monday,November 19, from 3:30 – 4:30 pm in Room 223 (Golkin), Houston Hall, 3417Spruce Street. The workshop will feature a variety of information on improvingyour credit and will answer participants’ questions about credit issues. Theworkshop is open to UPHS staff. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

Pleasevisit the site for more info and to register: http://cms.business-services.upenn.edu/homeownership/phos-news-and-updates/71-update-1.html.



Employee Flu Vaccine Campaign Starts – UntilDecember 10

There’s still time to get your free flushot!

As you know, Penn Medicine has joinedleading health care organizations across the country in requiring seasonal fluimmunization for all faculty, staff, students, volunteers and contractedpersonnel in order to protect patients, employees, family members and thecommunity from influenza infection through annual immunization.Over past recentyears, 99 percent of PAH and UPHS employees have been vaccinated for seasonalinfluenza. Getting the flu vaccine reduces the risk of illness for our staffand helps keep our patients, colleagues, and families safe and healthy. UPHShas been recognized by the State of Pennsylvania for this key patient safetyinitiative.

Provided at PAH free of charge, seasonalinfluenza vaccines are needed annually for maximum protection. The 2012-13seasonal influenza vaccine protects against the three most likely influenzastrains expected to circulate this year, all of which are different from thosein the prior year’s vaccine.

In order toreceive seasonal flu vaccine through Employee Health, employees must have apre-printed, bar-coded EmployeeInfluenza Vaccination Consent Form. The Form is pre-printedwith the employee’s name, department and job title. Click here http://uphsxnet.uphs.upenn.edu/occupationalmedicine/docs/Flu2012_guide_v2.0.pdf to get astep-by-step guide to print your Flu Consent Form.

For the more information and the completeschedule of vaccination dates and locations, just click on the “Get Your Flu Shot!” button on the PAH Intranet page http://uphsxnet.uphs.upenn.edu/pahhome/. For questions,please contact Maureen McLaughlin,CRNP, MSN, MBA,at 215.829.6461 or mclaughm@pahosp.com.



Come All Ye – to the Annual PAHHoliday Meal! – December 13

Allhospital employees, professional staff, affiliated medical offices, andvolunteers are invited to share in a special holiday meal in the Elm GardenCafeteria on, Thursday, December 13, 2012.

Theschedule for the hospital holiday meal will include five luncheons, and twodinners to accommodate all employees on all shifts. Order your tickets bye-mailing, Rosemary Del Conte, delcontr@pahosp.com or fax requests to215-829-5376. Tickets will be ready for pick up by December 5, 2012.




NextMagnet Mondays – December 17

Comejoin PAH Nurse Educators as they present topics that will give you knowledgeand skills to improve patient outcomes and the work environment on Magnet Mondays from 12 to 1 pm in theZubrow Auditorium.

“MagnetMondays are an excellent opportunity to learn skills that can help nursesexpand their knowledge and achieve better patient outcomes,” said Bruce Boxer, PhD, MBA, MSN, RN, CPHQ,director of Nursing Professional Practice, Education and Quality. “This seriesconsists of programs with educational offerings presented by PAH Clinical NurseEducation Specialists who tailor each topic to make them applicable to everyNursing practice. All are welcome to take advantage of these offerings and letus know what other topics to be addressed. We are always open to suggestions!”


December17     Applying Ethical Principles to YourPractice

Applicationfor Nursing Contact Hours has been made and pending approval will be granted tonurses attending this program in its entirety and submitting an evaluation ofthe program. Pennsylvania Hospital is an approved provider of continuingnursing education by the PA State Nurses Association, an accredited approver bythe American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Thereis no commercial support for this educational offering. PA Nurses and ANCC COAdo not endorse any commercial product which may be discussed in this offering.This program meets ADA requirements and is wheel chair accessible.

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