Dee-burrell-write-to-fight-cancerResearch has shown that expressive writing can be a meaningful tool for coping with cancer and may improve mental and physical quality of life for patients, survivors and caregivers alike.


Cancer survivor, writer and motivational speaker Dee Burrell at the Write to Fight Cancer Workshop held by the JKCC.

On December 1, the Joan Karnell Cancer Center hosted a “Write to Fight Cancer” workshop in a packed Great Court Conference room, featuring David Tabatsky. Tabatsky, who also co-authored Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cancer Book, helped participants transform their thoughts and feelings into words and stories throughout a moving, two hour writing workshop. 


Through expert writing advice, exercises and group discussions, the free, interactive workshop provided practical tools to a diverse group guests. It gave them accessible, effective ways to cope with living with cancer by learning how to understand and express themselves – whether it be to their physician or granddaughter – and learn how to improve their own sense of well-being. Some attendees were survivors, already active authors looking for ways to hone their skills to help others, while some were seeking a constructive outlet for their anger and anxiety.

Cancer patient David Ellis interacts with his wife and fellow cancer patients during the Write to Fight Cancer Workshop held by the JKCC.

Peter-crimmins-&-david-tabatskyAlso in attendance at the event was reporter Peter Crimmins from WHYY FM and Peter attended the whole event interviewing Tabatsky and several patients and survivors for a story slated to air Tuesday, December 6.


Shown here is WHYY reporter Peter Crimmins interviewing author and Write to Fight Cancer Workshop leader, David Tabatsky

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