Welcome-desk-security-staff-kudosThe following letter is from Security Supervisor Wayne Harris, recognizing the exceptional service of valued PAH employees who recently – by their helpful actions and efforts – were prime examples of the expression, “going above and beyond the call of duty.”


From left to right are Security Supervisor, Wayne Harris; Welcome Desk Manager Barbara Swierczynski; Officer Beverly Jennings; and Officer Earl Williams

I wanted to take time out to acknowledge the efforts of two valued employees of Pennsylvania Hospital of whom I have the pleasure to announce and bring recognition to their unselfish deeds in assisting an elderly female who was separated from a family member.

The elderly woman showed up at our Preston building lobby and stopped to inquire at the Welcome Desk with Manager Barbara Swierczynski, regarding the location of her daughter.

Barbara took time to help to woman try and locate the daughter by various methods, even escorting her to the Spruce building to inquire with different locations to determine where the daughter might be. After all her efforts to locate were unsuccessful she called Security to further assist with the matter at which time Security Officer Beverly Jennings and Security Officer Earl Williams resumed the search.

Both officers assumed responsibility and began inquiring for any information available to them. It was determined after there were no records or entries that that the daughter had an appointment at PAH that they should focus their inquiry with a neighboring Institution.

Officer Jennings  began making her inquiries with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and it was noted that the elderly woman had a cell phone in her possession which assisted Officer Williams in making contact with the woman’s son, who was given the details concerning his Mother and was assured she was safe and efforts were underway to reunite the Mother and Daughter.

After the valiant efforts of our staff, it was ascertained that woman’s daughter was indeed at Jefferson Hospital and not PAH. Officer Jennings and I then provided a safe escort to 850 Walnut Street to the Ears, Nose & Throat reception area. We arrived at said location where Jefferson Reception staff assured us that they would keep a safe watch over her while awaiting the daughter’s completion of her appointment.
The son was re-called by Officer Williams upon our return at PAH to ensure he knew exactly where to retrieve his sister and mother.

On a personal level, I felt this incident deserved special acknowledgement as the woman was so relieved that a solution to her dilemma was obtained. Contact continued with the family who did call back to thank all for the service and care Pennsylvania Hospital staff had provided. Again I personally would like to thank Barbara, Beverly and Earl for their commitment to “caring, concern and compassion.” Great job all!
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